Use these forms to assist you on the path to degree completion

Form instructions, descriptions and samples/examples are provided on this page to assist you with degree completion. Please thoroughly review the instructions and contact your department with questions. You may also reference the Graduate and Professional Bulletin for additional details and policies. 

You will access all forms through RAMweb unless otherwise noted. Visit our academic Deadline Dates webpage to learn about important deadlines for your degree completion.  


GS4 AMP Double Count Courses

Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) students wishing to double count 500-level courses from their Bachelor’s Degree should use this form. This form must be submitted once admitted into the Graduate School and prior to completing your undergraduate degree.

Note: AMP students must also have their GS6 Program of Study completed by the end of the second week of their first semester as a graduate student.

Sample GS4 Form

GS6 Program of Study

The GS6 Program of Study outlines your path to degree completion and keeps expectations between you and your department clear. It identifies the membership of your graduate committee, including your primary advisor, and documents all required courses (taken and planned) for degree completion. This form must be submitted prior to the completion of other graduation requirements and it is to your benefit to complete it as early as possible.

The GS6 form must be received by the Graduate School during or prior to the third semester.  If the Graduate School does not receive the GS6, a registration hold will be placed on the student record prior to your fourth semester registration which occurs in October or April of your third semester.


Instructions for GS6 Program of Study Form

GS7 Request for Change of Department and/or Degree Program

Submit this form to change from one department or program to another, and/or from one degree to another (such as doctorate to master’s). You must complete this form even if you have completed all coursework for the first degree or are working on research only, and wish to gain admission to a new department or degree. If you are an international student, please check with ISSS regarding Visa requirements.

You may use this form for degree programs but not certificate programs. Before submitting a GS7 form, students should contact the department/program to which they plan to join. Some departments/programs may have additional requirements prior to approving the change.

Once the GS7 is approved, both you and your department will be notified via your official CSU email.

You must complete a new GS6 Program of Study for your new program — otherwise a hold will be placed on your registration.

Sample GS7 Form


GS9A Petition for Committee Member Changes

Submit this form to make changes to your committee after your GS6 Program of Study has been approved by the Graduate School team. The committee listed in your degree plan must be up to date prior to the preliminary examination (doctoral students), final examination/defense, and thesis/dissertation submission. Review the Advisor and Committee Requirements webpage.

GS11 Study Abroad Transfer Credit Request

Submit this form if you take coursework abroad as part of your program and want the coursework to be officially transferred to CSU.

Sample GS11 Form

GS14 Report of Department Examination

Some departments require the submission of the GS14 Report of Department Examination. If your department requests that you complete the form, the Graduate School will file the results of departmental examinations with University records. The Graduate School provides this service for departments who wish to establish a more complete and more formal indication of student completion of degree requirements. Submit this form to your department for processing.

Sample GS14 Form

GS16 Report of Preliminary Examination for the Doctoral Degree

A preliminary examination is administered at least two terms before the final examination/defense to determine whether the student is qualified to continue toward the doctorate. The completed and signed form must be submitted to the Graduate School within two working days after the results of the examination are known.

Sample GS16 Form

GS24 Report of Final Examination Results

All doctoral students and Master’s Plan A and Plan B students are required to complete and pass a final examination/defense. The examination must be held by the published deadline of the student’s graduating term. The completed and signed form must be submitted to the Graduate School within two working days after the results of the examination are known. The Report of GS24 Final Defense Examination is the standard form to be used. The GS24C Common Final Examination is not typically used by students — check with your department if you have questions about using the GS24C.

Sample GS24 Form

Sample GS24C Form

GS25 Application for Graduation or Reapplication for Graduation

You must apply or reapply to graduate by the published deadline of the term you intend to graduate. Start the process using the “Apply or Reapply to Graduate” link in RAMWeb.

GS25 Instructions

Sample GS25 Form

GS26 Request for Letter of Completion

Prior to your degree being recorded on your official transcripts, a letter may be requested confirming that all of your degree requirements have been met. The letter is released only after the final graduation approval has been cleared on the Graduate Degree Plan record in RAMWeb.

Sample GS26 Form

GS30 Thesis/Dissertation Submission

All Master’s Plan A students and doctoral students submit this form after either your final thesis or dissertation has been reviewed and approved by your committee.

The completed and signed form must be submitted to the Graduate School by the published deadline date of your graduating term. This form includes an optional embargo restriction request section to delay the public release of your thesis or dissertation.

ETD Resource Page

Sample GS30 Form

GS40 Non-Thesis Plan B Master’s Requirement

Use this form to clear your non-thesis requirements (Plan B Master’s students only) listed in your Graduate Degree Program. For questions about your program’s requirement, check with your advisor.

Sample GS40 Form

GS52 Discrepancy Clearance Response

This form is used by your advisor to indicate how to resolve course discrepancies (if applicable) that were not addressed on your GS25 Application for Graduation. A memo or email directly from your advisor to can also be submitted to resolve these course discrepancies.

Sample GS52 Form

Credit Overloads

Credit overloads allow you to register for more than the university maximum credit load for your student level, which is 15 for graduate students.

Registration for a credit overload between 16-18 credits requires your advisor to approve the request via ARIESweb. Visit the Registrar’s Office website for details.

Credit overloads above 18 credits must be directed to the Graduate School for approval. Your advisor must send an email to and provide the following information: student’s name, student’s CSU ID, the semester that the overload will be applied to, the maximum credit load that the student will be allowed to register for, and justification for the overload.

Late Registration Request

This form is required if you want to make registration changes past the registration deadline but within the same semester as the original registration. Use the Late Registration Request form to:

  • Add a course(s) or Continuous Registration after the regular add/drop period ends and prior to 2:00 p.m. the day on which grades are due for the term.
  • Increase or decrease the number of credits (but NOT drop/decrease to 0) for a course(s) after the regular add/drop period ends and prior to 2:00 p.m. the day on which grades are due for the term.

NOTE: You will get this form from your department (the department initiates the electronic form by navigating from ARIESweb>BANNER A-Z >L> Late Registration Request).

Registration Appeal

The Registration Appeal form is required if you experience extenuating circumstances as described in the Petitions and Policies Due to Extenuating Circumstances section of the Petitions to the Graduate School webpage. This form is used to request a drop, withdrawal, or make retroactive registration changes for a previous semester or for any course where the drop/withdrawal deadlines for the current semester have passed.

Use the Registration Appeal form to:

  • Drop a course(s) after the regular add/drop period ends.
  • Withdraw from a course(s) after the course withdrawal period ends.
  • Change the grading option for a course(s) to “satisfactory/unsatisfactory” after the regular add/drop period ends for the appropriate semester, OR
  • Change the grading option for a course(s) to “Audit” after the regular add/drop period ends for the appropriate semester.
  • Add or make other changes to the course (for example, change the number of credits) after the end of the term

Visit our Drop and Withdrawal FAQs page for policy and procedure details.  Drop and withdraw dates are available on your My Weekly Schedule under Registered Courses, via RAMweb. For CSU Online courses, visit the CSU Online website for drop and withdraw dates.


  1. To withdraw from ALL of your courses, log onto RAMweb, from the menu choose Registration, then Semester Withdrawal. Choosing to submit a Semester Withdrawal indicates your decision to withdraw from ALL of your courses for the current semester. This means you are withdrawing from the University and must reapply to your program. A retroactive (previous semester) Semester withdrawal must be done with the Collaborative for Student Achievement, not through the Graduate School
  2. Additional required documents, if applicable, are listed on the Registration Appeal form.
  3. There is no refund of charges associated with the course in the case of a withdrawal for an on-campus course.  For charges associated with withdrawing from a Continuing Education online course, please visit CSU Online.

Download the Registration Appeal Form from the Office of the Registrar’s webpage by selecting the form from the drop-down Appeal Forms menu.