ARIESweb and Student Records

Accessing Records through ARIESweb

Through ARIESweb, Faculty and Staff view student information, run reports, and use the information to help advise students. Below are some resources about Graduate Student specific features.

Graduate Degree Plan

When in ARIESweb, enter a student’s CSU ID, name, etc. to pull up that student’s record. Once you are in the student’s record, select “Graduate Degree Plan” under the Advisor Student Tools section. Select the program code to which you want information (the program code will be the 6-10 letter code listed under “Programs”). The degree plan will show you the official information regarding the program selected – summary, program of study (GS6), committee, GPAs, requirements and discrepancies. Please take the time to become familiar with the information available to you in the Graduate Degree Plan.

Committee Service Report

This report provides faculty and department staff with the capability of viewing its faculty members and all of the graduate student committees they have served on or are currently serving on. To access this report, login to ARIESweb, select “Graduate School Reports” under the General Tools section, and then select “Committee Service Report”.

This report is designed to be run on-demand and departments can query this report either by a faculty member’s CSU ID number or by the department name. Once the report is loaded it will list:

  • The member’s name, CSU ID number, job title/ranking, and primary department.
  • The student’s name, CSU ID number, program, the member’s status (active, inactive, or removed), the member’s function (designation on the committee), the member’s participation from and to dates, and the student’s status (active, inactive, or graduated).

There is also a “back to graduate reports” link available, which will take departments back to the main Graduate Reports page.