GTA/GSA Base Tuition Request

GTA/GSA Base Tuition Request

The Graduate Teaching/Support Assistantship Base Tuition Program (GTA/GSA TP) was implemented in fall 2015.  Please see the GTA/GSA TP reference document for details.  With the program, each college received a specific number or allotments of tuition for .5FTE positions. The .5FTE tuition allotment is NOT refigured annually; it is permanent. However, allotments may be increased on a one-time or permanent basis per the processes below that requires submission of the GTA/GSA Base Tuition Request Form. 

*Download the GTA/GSA Base Tuition Request Form.
*The PDF must be opened in Adobe Acrobat for it to function properly. 

One-Time GTA/GSA Increase

One-time GTA/GSA tuition allotments will be considered only when requests are made for GTAs/GSAs who will receive stipend funding for the current academic year from one-time 2-3-6 distributions based on enrollment increases.  A unit should submit the GTA/GSA Base Tuition Request Form to make this request. The one-time 2-3-6 funding referred to above will become permanent or base-funded in the following academic year.  At that time, assuming the unit wants to base-fund the GTA/GSA positions permanently, the unit should submit the GTA/GSA Base Tuition Request Form.

Permanent GTA/GSA Increase

  1. Units that have 13 (E&G, for example, 2-3-6 funding) or 16 (RA/RSP) funds to permanently support one or more GTA/GSA stipends are required to submit the GTA/GSA Base Tuition Request Form to request additional GTA/GSA tuition allotments.
  2. A unit that proposes a new degree program may request one or more GTA/GSA stipends as part of the budget.  If the degree program and budget are approved, the tuition that is tied with the stipend will be allotted to the college of the degree program when the GTA/GSA Base Tuition Request is approved.
  3. Colleges that request a stipend for one or more GTAs/GSAs through the Proposed Resource (Budget) Request process, must include on the Proposed Resource Request form the cost of the tuition.  Please note, however, that the tuition is NOT included as part of the college’s maximum reducible E&G budget.  Additionally, the GTA/GSA Permanent Base Tuition Request Form must be submitted after your Proposed Resource Request has been approved.

Submit the GTA/GSA Tuition Request form to the Dean of the Graduate School.