Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering


Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) is research centered on the discovery and design of new materials to address the limitations of current materials in the biomedical, semiconductor, aerospace, sustainable energy, food, and data storage industries. With the continued growth of globalization and technological needs to address challenges for increasing energy demands and protecting our global environment. MSE research utilizes different elements in biology, chemistry, engineering, math, and physics and ranges from fundamental studies to application specific testing. Topics of interest can include synthesizing, fabricating, modifying, characterizing, and modeling materials from a wide array of components, in a variety of environments, and to design numerous device architectures.

Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering

The overall objective of the program is to develop students to be science and engineering professionals who use their multidisciplinary problem solving skills to address global challenges in the field of materials science and engineering (MSE).

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Coursework, credit requirements, and more information is available in the Colorado State University general catalog. Please contact your department representative with program-related questions.

Student Employment

Graduate students interested in employment positions (GTA, GRA, GSA appointments and hourly positions) should contact their advisor and their departmental graduate coordinator for the process to apply.

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