Health and Exercise Science (M.S.)


Our M.S. program offers a range of opportunities in health-focused coursework that allows you to experience science-based, rigorous research first hand. Our graduate students are encouraged to seek out a lab that reflects their interests, where they can participate in hands on research in many disciplines of study, including health span, prevention and treatment of metabolic disorders, researching neuromuscular disease and disability, investigating cancer recurrence and engaging with the physical and mental health of active duty military and first responders. Students also have the opportunity to engage in outreach programs, work directly with undergraduates in both lab and classroom settings, and are a vital part of the HES academic ecosystem.

Master of Science (M.S.) in Health and Exercise Science

Areas of Study

  • Aging and Chronic Disease
  • Behavior and Lifestyle Modification
  • Functional Performance
  • Neurological Function and Dysfunction

Next Steps


Coursework, credit requirements, and more information is available in the Colorado State University general catalog. Please contact your department representative with program-related questions.

Student Employment

Graduate students interested in employment positions (GTA, GRA, GSA appointments and hourly positions) should contact their advisor and their departmental graduate coordinator for the process to apply.

Financial Aid