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Instructions for Filling out your GS6 Program of Study

Each degree-seeking graduate student must prepare a Program of Study using a GS6 Program of Study Form, a document which lists all courses taken in pursuit of the degree. The form also lists your graduate committee. The advisor and committee are heavily involved in the development of the form. The form must be received by the Graduate School during or prior to the third semester. If the Graduate School does not receive the GS6 Program of Study, a registration hold will be placed on the student record prior to fourth semester registration which occurs in October and April of the third semester.

Prior to submitting the form online, we highly recommended downloading a PDF worksheet to determine your Course and Committee. Your next step is to meet with your advisor to form a draft of what courses and committee members will be listed on the form. The formation of your committee must adhere to both department and Graduate School requirements. A sample GS6 Program of Study Form is also available for reference. 

The federal government has student financial aid requirements that may affect current and future financial aid eligibility. Students with financial aid are encouraged to review the satisfactory academic progress requirements prior to completing their Program of Study.

Access the Program of Study form through your RAMweb account under the “GS6 Program of Study” link and then complete the following steps:

  • Add required courses that you have completed at CSU prior to admission to Graduate School, if applicable.
  • Add required courses that you have completed at CSU after admission to Graduate School.
  • Add required courses that you will complete at CSU.
  • Add transfer credits from other institutions, if applicable.
  • Master’s degree information if a previously earned master’s degree will be used as part of a doctoral program (if applicable and for doctoral students only).
  • Specify whether or not you will be completing a thesis requirement, if applicable.
  • Search for and select those persons who will serve on your graduate committee.

Once you enter the above information, you will be able to review your course and committee information.

Complete your section of the form by signing and submitting your GS6 Program of Study form electronically. The form will then be automatically routed to your Graduate Contact/Coordinator (if applicable), co‐advisor (if applicable), advisor, department head, and the Graduate School for electronic signatures and approval.

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