Continuous Registration & Graduate Enrollment Policies

Graduate Enrollment Policies

Students must be registered every fall and spring semester in a credit-bearing course(s) or in continuous registration (CR). If graduating in the summer, registration in a course or CR is required. If you fail to register, you will become inactive and will need to be readmitted into your program.

Continuous Registration

All students admitted to a graduate program at Colorado State University are required to be continuously registered in the fall and spring semester throughout their degree programs. This policy applies from the time of first enrollment through the graduation term. Students may fulfill this requirement by registering for any graduate credit-bearing course (regular or non-regular). As an alternative, students may opt for a Continuous Registration (CR) status. Registration for CR status is accomplished in the same way as registration for courses. Section ID numbers appear in the class schedule under the CR prefix. Students registering for CR will be assessed a fee for each semester of CR registration. Students who register for Continuous Registration on or after the first day of the term will be charged a Late Registration Fee. Students graduating in summer term are required to be registered for at least one credit or CR. See the Graduate Enrollment Requirement.

Subject to the established time limits for the earning of graduate degrees and the various academic requirements, CR registrants need not apply for readmission should they wish to take additional graduate courses. Such students are ensured a place in their graduate programs as long as they remain in good academic standing. However, students who do not register will need to apply for readmission for their next semester of enrollment.

The availability of the CR option shall not supersede any other registration requirements to which students may be subject. For example, a student’s advisory committee may require additional course work. Similarly, some departments may require credit-bearing registration until the degree is completed. The credit registration requirement for graduate assistantships applies to all students appointed to these positions.

Graduate Enrollment Requirement

Graduate degree candidates must be either enrolled for at least one credit or must register for CR during the term (fall, spring, or summer) they will complete their degree requirements.

Graduate Assistants

If you hold a graduate assistantship during the fall and/or spring semesters, you must be registered for at least one on-campus credit each fall and spring semester that your graduate assistantship appointment is in effect. Please review the Graduate and Professional Bulletin for full detail.