GS5 Committee Formation form

As a degree-seeking graduate student, you must form a committee using a GS5 Committee Formation form. The digital form must be received by the Graduate School by your third semester or by an earlier the deadline specified by your program.  If your GS5 Committee Formation form is not received by the Graduate School, a hold will be placed on your student record in your third semester before you are able to register for your fourth semester. If your third semester occurs in the fall, the hold is placed in October and if your third semester occurs in the spring, the hold is placed in April.

Prior to submitting the form online, we highly recommended downloading a PDF worksheet to determine your Course and Committee. Your next step is to meet with your advisor to review your Graduate Degree Plan in RAMweb to form a draft of your committee and the courses that you will be taking to satisfy all course requirements for your degree. The formation of your committee must adhere to both department and Graduate School requirements. You may download a sample GS5 Committee Formation form for reference.

Access the Committee Formation form through your RAMweb account under the “GS5 Committee Formation” link and then complete the following steps:

  • Use the search tool to select each person who will serve on your graduate committee.
  • Once the committee members are entered, you will be able to review committee information before initiating the form. Ensure the names and departments of each member match the draft approved by your advisor.

Complete your section of the form by signing and submitting your GS5 Committee Formation electronically. Once complete, your portion of the form will be automatically routed to your Graduate Contact/Coordinator (if applicable), co‐advisor (if applicable), advisor, department head, and the Graduate School for electronic signatures and approval.

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