Graduate Program Pages

Graduate program coordinators, in collaboration with the college’s communication staff, should review and update their degree and certificate pages published on the Graduate Programs webpage annually or anytime there is a change within the program.

The primary audience for the Graduate Programs page is future students researching potential programs. The templated content provides a consistent user experience for future students exploring graduate-level offerings at CSU. Program pages direct prospective students to more detailed information on their respective college webpages. 

The program pages also serve as a directory for current students, faculty, and staff.

Checklist for Your Program Pages

  • Photograph:  A relevant photo is displayed on each program page. Please review CSU’s branding guidelines for photography for more about the standards followed for photography publication. Note: website users also have the option to toggle to a list view of programs that does not include photos when they are reviewing search results. 
  • Overview section: This is a concise and high-level overview of the program. This should be written so that non-subject matter experts can understand what the program is and why it’s important. Limit the description to 2-3 sentences.
  • Links: Review all links for current and correct landing pages. The “Next Steps” section is templated to provide a consistent user experience. 
  • Format: Ensure the correct format (e.g., online, on-campus, hybrid) for the program is listed. 
  • Program code in sidebar:  This code is less prominently displayed because it is primarily used as an aid for current faculty and staff. The resident-instruction program code is the default code displayed. 
  • Testing requirements in sidebar: A short 3-5 word phrase is listed here such as “GRE not required.” Programs are urged to consider an admissions process that takes a holistic approach. Please contact the associate dean of the Graduate School for a consultation on best practices in the admissions process.
  • Department website and location in the sidebar:  Check that the department link button is working and that the physical location is correct.
  • Program contacts in sidebar: Review the contact information and use the Request a Graduate Program Contact and Changes Form to submit any needed contact updates.  
  • Keywords: Keywords can be added to your program page to help students search for your program. This is especially important if the program name is unique. 

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