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Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) is the representative body for graduate and professional students on campus — advocating for the needs, interests, and concerns of grad students within the university and elsewhere.

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The GSC hosts social, networking, and development programs at CSU to maintain a personal community for graduate and professional students during their tenure. These events provide a place for graduate students to create a support network with shared experiences and an environment for interdepartmental collaboration. New ideas for such events are always welcome.

To represent all graduate students, the GSC seeks to recruit representatives from each program. Participation also benefits professional and graduate students by providing professional development in a large university setting, interdepartmental networking, and leadership training opportunities.

Meetings take place in the evenings and rarely run over an hour. Representatives also work within their departments to make themselves available to other students in their department as a conduit to raise issues, questions, and concerns to the GSC.

Additionally, the GSC annually sponsors and selects faculty members for the Graduate Advising and Mentorship Award to celebrate exceptional faculty advisors who continually dedicate their time, energy, and wisdom to CSU graduate students. Nominations from graduate students are held in April.

The GSC also collaborates with the CSU Postdoctoral Association, and encourages postdocs to connect with CSUPASS.

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GSC Resources

RamLink Student Involvement Hub

CSU is home to over 475+ student organizations! There are various organizations ranging from academic/pre-professional to social and recreational. Explore the organizations at RamLink.

University Diversity and Inclusion Resources

CSU Division of Student Affairs

CSU has a Division of Student Affairs that has many resources for graduate students and potentially their families. Graduate Students will find a list of resources and programs, both on and off campus, on the Graduate Student Resources page of the Division of Student Affairs website.

First Amendment and Free Speech in Higher Education

CSU’s First Amendment website is focused on the First Amendment and free speech in higher education. The website offers resources and information for those navigating these complex issues here at CSU.