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Forging a new path with an Online MBA

Joshalynn Green learned to adapt at a young age. She had to. She grew up in a broken home without her father around. Her family moved so often she bounced between over a dozen schools across seven states before turning 18. With everything that was going on, education wasn’t a priority.

“I didn’t drop out of high school, but I did barely graduate,” Joshalynn said.

But through it all she kept her first love – basketball – close to her heart, making it a little easier to navigate the trying times.

After finishing high school she left Colorado for Miles College – a historically black college just outside of Birmingham, Alabama – with ambitions to play on the school’s team. But her basketball career came to a grinding halt when she tore her ACL and meniscus and was unable to recover, reinjuring her knee time and again.

Joshalynn was devastated, but she didn’t give up on her team. Looking for other ways to contribute, she began working for the squad as a manager and statistician.

“Being around the sport just helped,” she said.

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