Zoo, Aquarium, and Animal Shelter Management (P.S.M.)


The Professional Science Master’s in Zoo, Aquarium and Animal Shelter Management is a unique opportunity to blend business skills and applied science with a specific focus on helping animal organizations. Our two-year P.S.M degree program focuses on experiential learning and development of skills in addition to academic learning. You will come into the program having a passion for helping animals and leave knowing how to implement specific strategies.

The majority of our students come from undergraduate science backgrounds such as Biology, Zoology, Wildlife Biology or Animal Science. Students with Psychology,  Anthropology and Business degrees have also joined our ranks. Our students have diverse interests and the name of our program does not convey the great number of possible career options available to you graduating with this degree.

This is a dynamic and flexible degree that can be suited to your career goals. Take your experience with animals and become well-qualified to lead teams and influence outcomes in animal organizations.

Professional Science Master’s in Natural Sciences – Zoo, Aquarium, and Animal Shelter Management Specialization

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Coursework, credit requirements, and more information is available in the Colorado State University general catalog. Please contact your department representative with program-related questions.

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