Materials Science and Engineering (Ph.D.)


The Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) PhD program is housed in the School of Materials Science and Engineering, an interdisciplinary graduate program. MSE degree programs are designed to engage students with:

  • active hands-on training in the latest materials characterization and computational methods
  • materials-focused intellectual property protection and technology transfer
  • professional skill development
  • a diverse core of faculty mentors

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Materials Science and Engineering

The overall objective of the MSE-PHD is to develop students to be science and engineering professionals who use their multidisciplinary problem solving skills to address global challenges in the field of materials science and engineering.


Coursework, credit requirements, and more information is available in the Colorado State University general catalog. Please contact your department representative with program-related questions.

Student Employment

All applicants to the PHD in Materials Science and Engineering are considered for available GRA, GTA and GSA appointments. Applicants should clearly indicate in their Statement of Purpose, their interest in active research areas and/or particular research labs in the department.

Financial Aid