Graduate School Student Satisfaction Survey

The 2017 Graduate School Student Satisfaction Survey was designed to assess graduate students’ perceptions related to satisfaction with various aspects of their academic and co-curricular experiences and to inform new initiatives by identifying areas for improvement.

The survey was distributed during the Spring 2017 semester to all resident-instruction graduate students and included a variety of  items scored on a Likert Scale related to their perceptions of the university, graduate school, and their home department or school, with an emphasis on questions about their department/school.  The majority of items focused on their perceptions regarding diversity, inclusion, support levels, respect, bias and other related items.  The other sections of the survey addressed students’:

  • abilities to find resources regarding student issues, institutional policies and Graduate School polices
  • personal attitudes and behaviors toward the importance of cultural understanding and comfort raising concerns related to diversity and inclusion
  • overall comfort in classes on and off campus.

Also included were two open-ended qualitative items that sought additional information specifically on improving department culture and more broadly asked for additional comments on their responses or any climate issue not addressed in the survey.

Results of the survey have been shared widely with the graduate community through presentations to each of the colleges as well as executive leaders at the University.  The dean of the Graduate school sent results of the survey to all resident-instruction students in the fall of 2018.

Below are links to an Executive Summary that presents a broad overview of survey findings, a report with detailed results based on statistical analyses of quantitative and qualitative results of the survey, and a PowerPoint presentation that also summarizes key findings from the survey.

2017 Graduate Student Climate Survey

Future Surveys and Initiatives

Based on survey findings, the Graduate School recommends best practices for implementation by departments, colleges, and the University as described in the Executive Summary. This list is non-exhaustive and will be a living document, to which additional best practices will be added as they are developed and brought forward. Additionally, the Graduate School has requested college leaders develop and share at least two initiatives they will implement in their units to address survey findings. The College Responses to Climate Survey Report summarizes the initial responses by colleges.

Moving forward, the results of this inaugural survey will be used as a baseline for continuous quality improvement. Preparations are currently in place for future surveys so that we may further address the identified issues and work through informed decisions to enhance the graduate experience.