Conducting an IDP Meeting with Your Mentor

Meeting with your mentor to discuss creating your IDP is key to your professional development.  As a mentee it is your responsibility to take initiative in all aspects of the IDP process – including requesting a meeting with your mentor.  Use the tips below to prepare for the meeting.

  • Organize all documents you will cover in your meeting – consider having copies of documents for both you and your mentor to make meeting more comfortable. Prepare a written agenda or checklist to ensure you stay on task and discuss all aspects of the IDP.
  • Clearly state the purpose and objective of the meeting through a formal meeting request.  For example, “I would like to talk about ideas for my development, get your feedback and set objectives for my next steps.”
  • Provide an overview of each section of the IDP form and share your conclusions.
  • Ask and listen. Be open and transparent in your meeting. Ask your mentor to share their perspective as you move through each section of the IDP. Carefully listen to your mentor’s perspective while asking clarify questions as needed.
  • Decide with your mentor which ideas you will incorporate into your plan.
  • Thank your mentor for their support and decide on a schedule to review progress.

It is also recommended that you visit the Graduate Center for Inclusive Mentoring website for other tips on discussions with your mentor.