Fall 2021 Welcome Home, Grad Rams!

Dean Mary Stromberger welcomes graduate students for the fall semester

Welcome home, Grad Rams!

I am so very excited for the start of the Fall 2021 semester and to either making new connections with you or reconnecting. The Graduate School is here to support your academic, personal, and professional success.

Thank you to all the new graduate students who attended the New Graduate Student Orientation on Aug. 19. Returning students, and students who were not able to attend the orientation, are encouraged to review or reintroduce yourselves to the many resources and information at graduateschool.colostate.edu/orientation. You will find my complete welcome address, short pre-recorded videos, slides, and flyers from the Graduate School and many resource experts from across campus.

CSU’s main COVID-19 Information & Resources webpage includes the most current updates from the Pandemic Preparedness Team for the CSU community. Most importantly, this webpage shares the health precautions that we must take at CSU to protect ourselves, our children, and those who are immunocompromised, or exempted from being vaccinated due to medical or religious purposes. These precautions include mandatory vaccinations for all CSU students and employees. If not fully vaccinated, employees and students must register for twice-weekly saliva screenings for COVID-19. Masks are also required in all indoor spaces unless you are alone in a private office. On this website, you will also find a webpage dedicated to support services for students including:

  • Vaccination clinics
  • COVID-19 screenings
  • Resources to support your physical and emotional well-being

Here are several important take-aways from my Aug. 19 orientation message related to well-being and mentoring:

  • Your well-being is most important so please integrate health and well-being into your graduate school journey and training. Seek out Medical and Counseling Resources, including well-being goals in your Individual Development Plan, and plan a path with the Competencies Road Map to build skills in wellness planning, financial planning, graduate assistant finances 101, and other self-care practices.
  • Seek out a network of mentors to support and guide you in all ways — in your academic journey, research and scholarly training, professional and career development, and in encouraging you to take care of yourself and focus on your health and well-being. A good place to find mentors is through the Graduate Center for Inclusive Mentoring (GCIM). Join me and GCIM faculty on September 13 for the first Mentor Monday session of the semester!
  • Find community on campus and seek opportunities to meet students outside of your department cohort or lab. There are several graduate student organizations that will connect you with students from across CSU. One great organization is the Graduate Student Council, which is comprised of representatives from nearly every department on campus. Through the GSC, graduate students have a voice and can advocate and work with CSU administration to improve graduate student experiences. The council is also a great opportunity to develop leadership skills, work with fellow students, and be an agent of change.
  • Attached are a few flyers highlighting some of the Graduate School events and offerings. Additional flyers are at graduateschool.colostate.edu/orientation

We have many updates to our Graduate School website, and I encourage you to spend some time exploring the content. You will find much of the information needed during your graduate career on this site. Specifically, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with these frequently referenced pages:

Finally, I want to highlight a few ways to connect with the Graduate School Team and how to get information on upcoming events and offerings.

  • Contact us on our “chat with us” live chat tool on the website, email us at gradschool@colostate.edu, or call us at 970-491-6817 and we will answer your questions and provide assistance right away.
  • Connect with us through social media at Twitter,  LinkedIn, and Facebook to find upcoming events, tips, and be inspired by student successes.
  • Subscribe to the Graduate School events calendar to set your preferences for automated reminders for upcoming events, deadlines, and professional development opportunities.

Have a wonderful semester! Go Rams!


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