CSU grad students awarded oldest graduate fellowship of its kind, NSF GRFP

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program awards go to students from six CSU programs.

Colorado State University students honored by NSF GRFP

Since 1952, the NSF GRFP has drawn in applicants from across the nation, recognizing and supporting outstanding graduate students who are pursuing research-based graduate degrees. This year saw 1,000 more applicants than 2019 with approximately 13,000 candidates.

In total, 2,076 individuals were named 2020 NSF Graduate Research Fellows, and 1,787 individuals received honorable mentions, eight of which are from CSU.

NSF-GRFP Recipients from CSU:

  • Amanda Shick, Engineering – Mechanical Engineering
  • Ian Moseley, Chemistry – Chemical Synthesis
  • Grace Johnston, Life Sciences – other (specify) – Plant Biology
  • Kirsten Hein, Life Sciences – Genetics
  • Arielle Hay, Life Sciences – Microbial Biology
  • Lily Durkee, Life Sciences – Ecology
  • Bradly Burke, Life Sciences – Microbial Biology

NSF-GRFP Honorable Mentions from CSU:

  • Juliet Seibel, Life Sciences – Ecology
  • Guilian Luchini, Chemistry – Chemical Theory, Models and Computational Methods
  • Emily Iskin, Geosciences – Geomorphology
  • Olivia Hajek, Life Sciences – Ecology
  • Brandi Grauberger, Engineering – Mechanical Engineering
  • Rachel Fleming, Life Sciences – Evolutionary Biology
  • Anthony Campanella, Chemistry – Chemical Synthesis
  • Kaela Amundson, Life Sciences – Microbial Biology

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