Professional Development Workshops and Events

Professional Development for Graduate Students

Discover resources and participate in professional development events to polish your skills and enhance your career goals.


The Graduate School develops a series of free professional development events each fall and spring semester. Students are encouraged to register at for the current sessions.

CSU Writes  & GRAD Writes

Housed in the Graduate School and under the direction of CSU Writes, GRAD Writes offers a series of curated events designed to support graduate students as they write their thesis or dissertation. As a graduate student, you recognize that writing is crucial to your successful negotiation of your program’s requirements, even as you may also feel intimidated or occasionally confounded by the writing process. Helping you write more productively, comfortably, and confidently is what CSU Writes is about.

For more information about CSU Writes go to:

  • Grad Writes - Spring 2017

    Supports Thesis & Dissertation Students in Their Writing Productivity.

  • show up & write

    Use show up & write to compose an article, chapter, thesis….Really, it works regardless of your writing project.

  • Writing Retreats

    With support from the Graduate School, CSU Writes organizes intensive writing retreats for graduate students who plan to complete theses/dissertations in  2018.


    The CSU Writes workshop series addresses the 4 areas academic writers encounter their greatest challenges: space, time, energy, and academic style.


  • The Northern Colorado Chapter of Graduate Women in Science offers a Brown Bag Lunch Series