GSC announces February Researcher of the Month winners

Congratulations to Derek Doyle, Physics, and Katherine DeRose, Mechanical Engineering, who have both been selected as the February Researchers of the Month!

Doyle researches the most abundant, yet elusive, particle in the universe: the neutrino. Neutrinos come in three different flavors depending on a few oscillation parameters. One of these parameters actually violates what was thought to be a fundamental symmetry of the universe. Studying this inconsistency could give clues to how we are able to exist at all. Doyle uses an experiment called NOvA where he develops complex analytical tools using one of the fastest super computers in the US at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center.

Outside of work, Doyle spends his free time playing video games, the guitar, and trivia at Illegal Pete’s. He also enjoys snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains. In the future, Doyle hopes to obtain a leadership role in physics research using High Performance Computing machines. His dream job is to work as the Head of NASA’s computing Division.

DeRose researches how to produce cost-effective renewable fuels. Currently, the biggest road blocks for the adoption of renewable fuels is the production costs of these fuels. DeRose studies a novel second fermentation process. This process could increase the value of the fuel product, aiding our transition from fossil fuels to green alternatives. After graduate school, DeRose will attend law school and ultimately advocate in the renewable energy sector.

DeRose holds leadership positions in Pi Tau Sigma Engineering Honor Society and CSU’s Energy Club. She organizes the national conventions, speaker seminars, networking events, and tours of local energy related facilities for grad students. Additionally, she volunteers for the Fort Collins Porch Light Campaign and the Fort Collins Food Bank. Outside of work and volunteering, DeRose enjoys many outdoor activities in Colorado. Currently, she is training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.
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