Global Environmental Sustainability course available

For graduate students interested in understanding the issues of Global Environmental Sustainability, check out this course in Spring 2018, available both in-person and online.

GES 520 – Issues in Global Environmental Sustainability

ONLINE (CRN 29978) and face-to-face: MWF | 9-9:50AM | Behavioral Sciences 105 (CRN 22257)

The School of Global Environmental Sustainability offers a graduate level course open to all graduate students across campus. The GES-520 course provides students with a deep understanding of sustainability issues, placed in broader economic and social context.

Graduate students read from a range of primary literature as a basis for class discussions and lectures. The students develop an understanding of the complexity of problems in sustainability and how to place these issues in a context that structures solutions in economic and social frameworks.

Students complete individual assignments throughout the course and also complete two group projects. The first project involves outreach. With the diversity of student disciplines in the course, the method and subject of the outreach is deliberately broad.

For example, in Spring 2014, students worked with staff from the Rocky Mountain Institute to address societal benefits for the City of Fort Collins Greenhouse Gas action plan. As part of the group projects, one student group worked with campus organizations on ways to address energy efficiency in rental properties.

For questions, contact GES advisor, Dale Lockwood, at or (970) 492-4070.

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