Professional Development for Faculty and Staff

Professional Development for Faculty and Staff

Below you will find resources relating to Faculty and Staff professional development. Additionally, CSU offers a number of great development opportunities for faculty and staff.

Professional Development Resources for Students

Faculty and Staff Development Seminar – Creating an Inclusive Environment

September 2014

Dr. Nadya Fouad presented best practices of how to work with under represented students and/or students coming from different cultural backgrounds. Dr. Fouad is a Distinguished Professor and Department Chair of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

Faculty Development Seminar Series – Improving Student Retention

April 2014

Dr. Linda Forrest’s seminar “Headaches, Heartaches and Challenges: What Can We Do To Improve Retention and Time to Graduation?”

Graduate advising and mentoring: What makes the process simple? What makes the process complex? This workshop will review what is known about issues that arise between faculty and graduate students that influence student retention, time to degree, and ultimately the students’ success. Topics include: The law of “no surprises,” the perennial problems associated with accurate self assessments, the uneven nature of developmental trajectories, providing positive and negative feedback in timely manner, difficult conversations and why we avoid them, how cultural background similarities and differences influence the process, anticipating the possibility of miscommunication, and prevention planning that sets students, faculty and programs up for success.

Dr. Linda Forrest is Professor Emeritus and Past Associate Director for Faculty Outreach at the Center on Diversity and Community at the University of Oregon. Previously, Dr. Forrest served as the Training Director of the Counseling Psychology Program and Assistant Chair of the Department of Educational Psychology at Michigan State University prior to serving as the Department Chair and Associate Dean at the University of Oregon. Her scholarship focuses on ethics and professional training issues in psychology with a special interest in faculty responsibilities for competence problems that develop during graduate training.