Graduate Differential Tuition Assessment

Differential Tuition

Differential tuition is a charge added to students’ cost of regular tuition.

Request form and Requirements

Apply for graduate differential tuition by completing the following form:

Graduate Differential Tuition Application Form: First Time or Subsequent Requests

If you are creating a new degree program and would like to apply for differential tuition, you must complete this form.

The creation of a specialization or the modification of the original program in any way,  including a name/code change, requires a REQUEST FOR DIFFERENTIAL TUITION APPROVAL FOR THE NEW PROGRAM by submitting the CSU Graduate Differential Tuition Application Form.   Student assessments for the differential tuition will not be made without the approval of a new request for differential tuition.

Differential tuition approval occurs at the University (Dean, Graduate School; Provost) and Board of Governors levels.  The approval applies exclusively to the program that is listed on the CSU Graduate Differential Tuition Application Form:  First Time or Subsequent Requests. Once approved, the differential tuition assessment is made based on the name/code of the program.

The assessment request must be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School by February 20, with approval from the Department Head and the College Dean. Requests are submitted annually in order to be reviewed and approved for the following fall semester; new assessments are made only in the fall semester if approved by CSU and the Board of Governors. Program directors may contact the Director of the Office of Budgets after June 15 for feedback on the BOG’s approval decision.


Please contact the Dean of the Graduate School with questions.