WICHE Process


Newly admitted students from the following states and approved programs may qualify:

Qualifying States

  • WICHE’s member states include Alaska, Arizona, California, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), Hawai’i, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming

Approved Programs

  • Agriculture – Integrated Resource Management, MAgr (College of Agricultural Sciences)
  • Animal Reproduction & Biotechnology, MS & PhD (Department of Biomedical Sciences)
  • Construction Management, MS (Department of Construction Management)
  • Early Career MBA (College of Business)
  • Education & Human Resource Studies, PhD (School of Education)
  • Environmental Health with an emphasis in epidemiology, ergonomics, occupational health, industrial hygiene and environmental toxicology, MS & PhD (Department of Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences)
  • Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise,  GSSE MBA (College of Business)
  • Greenhouse Gas Management and Accounting, MGMA (Warner College of Natural Resources
  • Political Science with an emphasis in Environmental Politics and Policy, PhD (Department of Political Science)
  • Public Communication and Technology, MS & PhD (Department of Journalism & Technical Communication)
  • Radiological Health Sciences with an emphasis in cancer biology, cellular and molecular radiobiology, radiation oncology, radiation protection, health physics, radio chemistry, radioecology and veterinary radiology, MS & PhD (Department of Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences)
  • Social Work, Rural & Changing Communities, MSW and PhD (School of Social Work)


  1. The student must contact the department directly to let them know that he/she is interested in the WICHE program.
  2. The department will need to have the student fill out the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) Application Supplement Residency Form and submit it directly to the department.
  3. Once the student has officially been admitted, the department will submit the following information to the Graduate School:
    • Residency Form
    • Request to admit including: student’s name, CSU ID number, the term admitted and the state that the student is from

Once the Graduate School has reviewed and approved the request, the documents will be forwarded to the Residency Office. If additional information is needed, the Residency Office will contact the student.


  • If a student’s enrollment drops, he/she cannot return as a WICHE student.
  • A student CANNOT apply for residency in Colorado while in his/her WICHE status.
  • WICHE may only be requested for newly admitted students for the beginning of the upcoming term.
  • CSU on-line credits must be paid for at the CSU on-line tuition rate.  WICHE tuition does not apply to these credits.


  • Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) FAQs

Appling for WICHE/WGRP Status

Program directors planning to apply for WICHE/WGRP status need to submit a response to the following questions when they are ready to request University approval of their application.  Please submit the application and the responses to the dean of the Graduate School. The dean will then provide a letter of support from the institution and ensure that the WGRP students will pay only resident tuition if your application is approved by WICHE/WGRP.

  • What is your rationale for the request?  For example,
    • Are you trying to grow the program and having trouble with normal pipelines?
    • Do you want to increase diversity in some way and think that this program would provide such an opportunity?
    • Other?
  • For at least the last three years,  how many students per year would have been eligible for WGRP status?
  • Does the program currently charge students differential tuition?  If so, what is the charge?
    • Does it appear that with non-resident tuition and differential tuition charges that the cost of your program has become too expensive for non-resident students?