Comprehensive Academic-Related Program (CAP) For Graduate Students of Color

Comprehensive Academic-Related Program (CAP)


The Graduate School is pleased to offer the Comprehensive Academic-Related Program (CAP) for Graduate Students of Color. A formalized program that highlights resources on campus, CAP offers professional development activities and provides access to faculty mentors, while also supporting additional socialization activities to encourage professional networks.

The Graduate School created CAP in collaboration with the Vice President of Diversity and a student group – the Graduate Students of Color. The content of this program is based on best practice strategies for creating an inclusive environment, the Graduate School’s experience with the AGEP program, and qualitative data collected by a nationally recognized consultant on diversity, Dr. Nadya Fouad.

We aim to implement a comprehensive academic framework providing professional development and additional opportunities for graduate students of color to address systematic issues that may impede their progress in their graduate programs.

Program Highlights

  • Information on topics related to professional development such as work/life balance and self-care
  • Negotiating advisors/faculty relationships
  • Opportunities to socialize with peers
  • Interaction with diverse faculty
  • Meet with CSU leadership team
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the Graduate School

CAP Resources